We remodel basements from projects blueprints to a finish job. Our team specialized in all kind of works like framing, painting, electric, flooring and others. What is smart about your basement remodel and why we call this project like your additional small house? The answer is simple, because of the hidden and unused spaces your home deserve it bigger value.


We will take care of your basement project with the same attitude as a regular project. Projects you can make your home bigger, so it increase square footage, increase visual space and functional space. As a part of your house before starting we will start with an inspection regarding all she staff need to be fixed, modified and restore. Sure, all starts from your blueprints or your plan regarding the basement remodel process. Give us access to all we need to know to have your project done great, on the top of your expectations.

The problems we need to solve concerning plumbing and water licking because this is your first level of the house and these kind of issues appears on these area. You need expect our professional skills to be involved but we not exclude that some time we need to involve a 3rd parties as inspectors in charge for specific kind of problems that’s might appears.


Air circulation thing that need to be checked on vest problems and functionality, so the good circulation is important regarding the safety and health reasons. It needed to include a return air duct. Installing all detectors of smoke, Carbone monoxide and other safety things shall not be ignored. think about light in the basement it is so important , we mean natural light and artificial light. Other thing that need to pay attention is the insulations of the basement. Final step think about dressing your basement choose the right furniture and appliances. Enjoy you stay in.


Additional spaces are so precious not only in small properties, because of the opportunities that gives you additional spaces you can explore. Go professional and make your bottom part of the house well stand. We think you'll like the following projects ideas you can transform your basement to:

- office

- additional living and sleep guests rooms

- home fitness center

- home entertaiment area 


- your call

- our estimate

- job start

- coordinate and collaborate with the owner

- your feedbacks and requirments

- finish the project


Choose professional specialists, just call us 206.673.6249 or drop us a line at idlconstructionllc@gmail.com. Thank you for choosing us for your project.

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