Living room remodel project requires great vision and understanding the house owner needs, because this is the space where we spend the most of our time with our family. Each family has their values and time spending, that's why we take care of each project on custom based. The keys ideas of the living room remodel are: frame structural change for bigger projects, lights changes when need to change the artificial lights positions, changes the natural light source (windows and skylights, sometimes it mean replace or changes), floor repair or replace (hardwood floor or laminate), walls refresh or painting change. All these works are key project of a living room renovation.


Everything starts with sketch ups and plans. Choose the desidered style and structural changes, that's gone affect the whole project concept. You must think about the budget also, that's why an professional estimate will help you understand wher are you concerning the financial part of your living project. When everything is done renovation plans and budget, we may go forward with the next step. The ways to update you living room are: framing and structural changes, drywall, hardwood remodel (refinish or reinstall), millworks and carpentry works, tile job, painting and touchups, installing appliances and electronics.


Hire us and we will take care of the whole process, based on our experience, full service company that offer all remodel solutions. Last and important you don't need to be worry about beside things like junk removal, safty in your house during work process and major cleaning after the job done, we wil take care about everything. Starting from your great plan, adjusted it and optimize, planing the budget forst step done, we can move forward, consider the style coming from your life style, does no mater you have a experienced interior designer or great ideas are yours wwe starting realize it.


Write us at or call us 206.673.6249. You may also use the request form and asking for an estimate by filling our request at the top of our site. 

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