Deck solutions makes our outdoor experience unbelievable, especially it's related to family time and leisure, friends party or other events. Our outdoor works experience allows to build impressive desk for time spending and great family events. Our main stands decking projects are environment, client satisfaction, keep the safe, functionality and design in harmony. From these one we start working on your project.


Choose materials, choose style and colors and hire professionals, that is the secret for good standing deck. We may recommend you also to have the purpose of using these deck, becase it may be the important thing to decide between the tyle, style and main concept of the deck.

So starting from a valuation, style, functionality we make a draft of your proejct, based on this your receive the estimate and planing your next deck install. When we sign the contract that fist your goals, budget we may proceide forward. Depneds on what you need you deck may be restored and repaired or reinstall from the begining. because of the weather in our state your deck and all ourdoor projects need to be treated with the right technology. Anytime does no matter what is the purpose of your deck project with the right job done your house will remain in the good standing, with a great value for you as a owner and a good value for the market if you plan to sell the house.


We think that is correct to point on the experience, so when hire a pros for deck instalation, the main thing you need to ask is about deck experience, that mean construction expereince not mean actually a deck professional team to make a great job done. When you hire a pros you may not worry about type of materials, hardware need to be use, any additional things that belongs to deck installation - we keep this in mind and we take care of these.


Choose professionals and hire us with just a call 206.673.6249 or drop us a line at Thank you for choosing us for these project.

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