We are happier if we cook our favorite food in the awesome entourage or serve our breakfast at the breakfast zone we like. Some specialists saying that the food is tastier when you fill better. We can help you with that. What are good things about our kitchen and why we like to have it beautiful, some times like no others and very useful. One thing in these direction is that our kitchen is a part of our leaving room, that means a part of our common and main living area, every day. Also our kitchen get in touch with our guests so it's a part of our impression compared to the bedroom that is more intimate space.


All starts with the end, so with the demolation of your old kitchen, yes it hurts but trust us your newer one will make you happier. We will take care of all demolation progress and connected services like garbage and your safety. Second we will take care of you pluming staff, that mean we will take care of everything. Electric staff comes next, our electric specialists will stick everuthing together just to be ready for the next step, drywall, mud and sanding. Paitn and ceiling walls and other surfaces comes next with like final touchups. Installation process will follow right away the next step like cabinets install, tile and stone install, also appliances as a finish end. Before we close the project we test all staff to roper work and functionality. Cleaning comes in the end to prepare your kitchen ready to go.


We recommend to have youyr remodel plan rewady before start a remodel kitchen proejct. We will help you with technical recommendations, design recommendations, all startting from your core main ideas, how your kitchen shoud be, it's a classic one or modern style, soft colors or strong one. Because we are a full service company you will don't need to worry about anything, all specialists and work we provide  in house. So hire our team, IDL Construction LLC for one of the main project in your house, for your kitchen remodel and we'll take care of it. We know how to make it right, the roght things working as our slogan sais, Every detail counts, we pay atention to everuthing like how your dishwasher is alin3eed or how yoy ope and close yoyr frigidaire door, every of this detail counts, every of this things are fo real our job and we dot it right. So our goal for your next kitchen is to deliver to you happines and lovely moments to enjoy with your family. 


Hire us today, schedule an appointment, we are busy and our projects are fiexed at list couple month ago, but eachof our clients shall be treated like speacial with no compromises. Write us today at idlconstructionllc@gmail.com  or call us at 206.673.6249. You may also use the request form and asking for a free estimate by filling our request on the top of our site. Get in touch!

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